Notebook with the words "Sneak Peek" denoting a look at real settlement offers

A Sneak Peek at Real Client Settlement Offers

When many clients first begin their Beyond Finance program, they are understandably cautious. “What will results look like?” is one of the many questions our Client Success team fields when folks first begin their program.

It can be daunting waiting 3–6 months for that first settlement offer to arrive, but many of our clients tell us that once it does, they’re able to breathe easier seeing firsthand that the process is working.

Settlement offers can come in a few different forms. Many times, after the negotiations process, creditors contact Beyond Finance directly and we reach out to you by phone, email, and through your Dashboard to get your approval. But sometimes creditors will send clients the settlement offer with the newly negotiated-down balance directly!

Check out some of these real settlement letters to see what your upcoming offers might look like …

Settlement Offer #1: OneMain Financial

This client with a balance of $9,961.26 was allowed to pay only $3,989.40 for a total savings of $5,971.86.

OneMain Financial settlement offer letter

Settlement Offer #2: Chase

In this case, the client was offered two different options of how to pay their reduced balance. Our team would have taken into consideration how much the client had in their Dedicated Account when negotiating with Chase.

Settlement offer letter from chase with sensitive information redacted

Settlement Offer #3: Synchrony

This client was offered the chance to pay off their reduced balance in 3 installments. This is relatively standard — our negotiations team is always keeping an eye on your Dedicated Account and the kind of settlements you’ll be able to afford at any point in time. 

Settlement letter from Synchrony bank with name and account number redacted

Not every client will receive this type of settlement letter in the mail — you’ll often receive a call directly from Beyond Finance letting you know the good news and asking for your approval! But we still wanted to give you a glimpse into the types of offers you can expect to receive once you’ve built up enough funds in your Dedicated Account and enough time has passed. Both these things give our negotiations team the leverage they need to reach great settlements for you.*

And remember! If you’ve been notified about a settlement offer, let us know if you approve of it ASAP! Offers always have a deadline and we don’t want you missing out on these opportunities.

*On average our clients receive a 50% reduction on each enrolled debt. 

Not yet enrolled but interested in getting settlements like this? Speak to a Consolidation Specialist as soon as possible to find out how much you could save.