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Signs of a Debt Settlement Company You Can Trust

If you have been struggling with your debt, you may have searched for a debt settlement company you can trust online. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a personal loan, bankruptcy attorney, or debt relief, search results are a little misleading.

Like this, for example:

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The search is for a reputable organization in the debt resolution industry seeking to help people move beyond debt (like we do). However, the search results provide these results:

  • “What you should know about scams?”
  • “Signs of a debt settlement scam.”
  • And even “Are debt relief companies legitimate.”

Despite the wild-goose chase on Google, there are apparent signs of finding a debt settlement company you can trust. All of which are easy to pinpoint, simple to understand, and reassuring for those in need. The only thing complicated about this industry is the misinformation in the industry.

Debt resolution works for people committed to making it work for them. How will you know?

Let’s examine those signs of a debt settlement company you can trust.

Where are the fees?

Here is a clue: Call someone else if fees are required upfront.

There is a debt settlement company you can trust at Beyond Finance.
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It’s that simple. Businesses don’t get paid until they perform a service. Allow debt resolution companies to serve you and get you out of this downward spiral.

Their proof as a reputable organization is their work. Once they provide proof of the work, ethical and vetted debt resolution companies ask for your first payments.

Debt resolution is a business, so a reputable and trustworthy organization will set a fee as a percentage of either the enrolled debt or the negotiated debt. That upfront arrangement and agreement will keep the company working hard for you and allow you to invest in your future.

You considered debt settlement because you didn’t have the money, so what responsible organization would ask for money you don’t have before they have tried to save you a dime?

While you are thinking about how we can save you money, time, and stress, think about that.

What is the history?

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Does this place have a long track record of helping people out of debt?

Are they accredited by compliance and consumer organizations, like the AFCC, CDRI, IADPA, or even the BBB? If you aren’t familiar with those initialisms, you would be if they were on that company’s website.

Accredited businesses with certified associates are an excellent place to build your trust. Set aside the anxiousness about discussing your debt.

Are you told something you can trust? Do you feel secure listening to the person on the phone?

Also, consider you feel comfortable speaking candidly about a company that encourages people to talk about them.

Trust yourself first, then them. You rarely go wrong that way.

How are the reviews?

If the debt resolution company you are considering is worth your investment, we recommend first investing a little time in research.

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  • How do current and former clients speak about the company?
  • What are the success stories?
  • Are testimonials available?

After you ask yourself these things, you must know as someone searching for a debt settlement company, all that information matters.

Naturally, some people are going to be upset about peculiar things. Not all reviews may be exhibit 100% satisfaction but read those insights carefully. If the company is making a difference, consider deciding who can walk you out of debt—the safe way.

Why are they in business?

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If that answer is anything less than transforming your future and changing your relationship with money, the problem will continue.

Unfortunately, few things in business can be guaranteed.

In the debt resolution industry, the guarantee is that a company in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission will resolve your debt.

The calls will stop. Your bills will get paid. And you can begin living the life you deserve—debt and hassle-free.

Who is on the phone?

This question may be the easiest to understand but the most difficult to figure out. Did you know debt relief companies never call you first? Some people receive cold calls from a kind-sounding person on the phone asking about their struggles with debt. Well, that person would be a prime candidate to hang up on at once. Debt resolution companies never do that.

Debt settlement company hires empathetic people to serve
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Additionally, once you call the toll-free number and get the associate on the phone, ask yourself, “Are they interested in me, or just my money?”

That’s an important question that demands an answer. Associates from reputable debt settlement organizations are empathetic; they care about you getting out of debt. They ask questions about what got you in this situation, so they can better learn how to get you out.

Suppose the individual on the phone isn’t too interested in your journey.

Instead, they seem to only care about your starting point with their company. In that case, the questions will begin with getting started, staying with them, and possibly paying something now to reserve their services. Those are all red flags.

Now, why Beyond Finance?

You have made the first step toward financial liberty in your life. Check us out. And don’t just take our word for it. Please read our testimonials. Research the reviews.

Beyond Finance is one of the nation’s most effective debt resolution organizations. We will reduce your monthly payments by as much as 50%, and it will take us 12-48 months to give you a life without debt.

What you will find is no upfront fees and nothing but trustworthy people on the phone who care about your worries, concerns, and commitment to getting out of debt. They will walk with you every step of the way. Consider us to help move you beyond debt today.