Let 2023 be your year of making lifestyle changes regarding your finances.

Ready. Set. Go: Four Positive Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2023

The year is coming to an end. So, how have you prepared to make lifestyle changes in 2023? It is time to start reviewing your year and the financial decisions you made. Did you spend 2022 trying to catch up from the pandemic? Maybe you got laid off like more than 2 million people in America? Perhaps the setback forced you to adjust your monthly budget and savings? 

Whatever the cause, lifestyle changes happen for most of us during the year. That’s why Beyond Finance wants to offer some guidance toward better habits. Let’s look at some lifestyle changes you can start today to help you cope with this year’s finances and prepare for 2023.

The key to adapting well is patience and grace. Remember, no matter your financial situation, it did not happen overnight. This will not be a quick fix. Becoming frustrated with made or forced decisions happens to all of us. However, aiming to take control of your finances means things are moving forward and relief is coming.

1. Resolutions vs. Goals

Making goals for the new year is a great way to start making positive lifestyle changes in the new year.

Everyone attempts to stick to their New Years’ resolutions. We have seen the fitness craze that peaks at the beginning of the year. Gyms and parks are full, meal prep content is at an all-time high and people appear super motivated. Around March, everything starts to thin out, the gym has many more available treadmills, and the local fast-food drive-thru lanes are remarkably long.

Instead of going off an adrenaline rush, go with the more slow and more steady approach. Create goals with realistic timeframes to complete them. When trying to achieve goals, you naturally start developing healthy habits to help obtain them. Those habits will help you make lifestyle changes crucial in your finances and personal life.

2. Prioritize Financial Wellness

Making lifestyle changes will also help set up the younger generation for financial success.

Paying attention to your financial wellness indicates that you are making lifestyle changes rather than temporary fixes. Even if it takes a while to apply the concepts, the information will stick and cause you to think twice. 

Financial literacy is usually something not “learned.” Did you have someone who implemented the proper concepts of saving or budgeting?

That’s why finding podcasts, watching a money-saving video on YouTube or even scrolling through financial TikToks, will help you soak up the knowledge! Remember the financial habits and lifestyle changes practiced now becomes the example for the next generation.

3. Get Organized

Having a monthly budget on hand is a one way to keep your finances organized.

Preparing for 2023 must include prioritizing organization. Tracking and budgeting your finances helps you save easier and reach those new year goals faster. 

People often get confused thinking spending excessive time and money mean structure.

It’s easy to spend hours logging finances in a fancy spreadsheet. That’s not the case. There are tons of free, quick and easy resources geared toward organizing your finances. 

Try free downloadable templates if you prefer to write your budget on paper. No matter how you do it, the sooner you start, the better.

4. Get the Help You Need

Financial stress can be exhausting, let's work to make positive lifestyle changes and relieve that stress.

If you are in over your head during any of the changes listed above or admit you need additional help, it is okay
Don’t start your new year in agony worrying about creditors calling. There are options out there to help you, like debt resolution. Beyond Finance works with you to help you achieve these things with personal assessments, financial therapy sessions, and other tools to help you move beyond debt for good.