Colorful graphic of woman navigating through her app with a ring of different icons representing the beyond finance settlement stages addressed in the blog post

Understanding the Settlement Stages in Your Client Dashboard

As a Beyond Finance client, you have access to your own Client Dashboard, a place for you to get questions answered, receive 24/7 support, and track your progress!

Specifically when it comes to keeping tabs on that progress, you’ll see an “Enrolled Debt” page with each of your accounts nested under one of six stages:

But what do these labels signify? Read on to discover exactly what it means for your accounts to be at each of these stages.

In Review

When you begin your program, your accounts will all be listed under this stage. At this point, creditors need to see proof of financial hardship (a period of delayed payment) and funds building in your Dedicated Account in order for our team to reach settlements for you.

We strategically delay our contact with your creditors, because reaching out too early can put future settlements at risk.

Creditor Contacted

If you see one of your accounts move to this stage, it means that — based on what our negotiations team knows about this creditor — it’s the perfect time to let them know we’ll be handling the debt on your behalf.

While an account in the “Creditor Contacted” stage isn’t necessarily ready for negotiations, it typically means that the “time” element in the “time + funds” equation (the key ingredients to reach a settlement) has been fulfilled.


Graphic of man looking at his beyond finance client dashboard, inspecting an account in the "negotiations" stage

When you see an account move to the “Negotiating” stage, this means our team is actively working on reaching a settlement with this creditor. 

You should be patting yourself on the back because you’ve done your part in helping our negotiations team to do their job! You’ve deposited enough funds for us to begin negotiations with the creditor. 

Remember that an account in the “Negotiating” stage doesn’t mean you’ll immediately see an offer — in fact, some clients may see an account go from “Negotiating” to “Creditor Contacted” and back again. This simply means that our team is engaged in a back-and-forth with your creditor to get you the best possible savings. 

Settlement Offer

An account in the “Settlement Offer” stage means exactly what it sounds like — you have a settlement offer waiting for your approval! These offers expire so make sure to take immediate action. Review the offer and let our team know if you want to accept it.

Settlement in Progress

If you have an account under the “Settlement in Progress” stage, this means you’ve accepted an offer from the creditor and payments are going towards this settlement as well as Beyond Finance’s fee.* 

*We only begin collecting our fee when we’ve successfully achieved a settlement which you accept and at least one payment is made to the creditor. We collect portions of this fee as funds are available, always being careful to leave enough funds in place to fulfill the payment plans on your active settlements. 

If your account with the creditor is still reflecting an outstanding balance and/or you’re receiving bills on the account, don’t worry! It typically means their system is behind. A settlement is a legally binding agreement as long as you continue to meet the payment terms.

Completed Settlement

Congratulations! When one of your accounts reaches this stage, this debt is behind you! 

You’ve completed the terms of the settlement agreement and you’ve paid the Beyond Finance team for the work they put in facilitating the offer for you. Now your deposits will continue to go towards reaching and paying off your remaining settlements!

Final Words – Moving Through the Stages

We created the ability to see settlement stages in your Dashboard to give further transparency into your program progress. 

While it can be challenging waiting for your accounts to transition to the next stage, know that things are moving! Debt resolution is not an overnight process. While giving this page a glance every now and again can help you stay motivated, over-checking can make it feel like things are moving slower than they actually are.

Remember that each time you make a deposit, you are that much closer to your next settlement. And each time you accept a new settlement, you are that much closer to graduating from your program debt-free.

If you’re not in our program but are interested in tackling your debt, click here for a free consultation!