Beyond Finance hires parts of their executive team

HOUSTON (Feb. 9, 2022) — Beyond Finance, one of the nation’s largest debt resolution organizations, recently took steps to build its team. The goal was to drive their commitment further for the people they serve across the country—both clients and team members. Over the past several months, the Houston-based organization took a hard look at serving consumers in this season most effectively. 

“The way we serve our clients will take progressive leaps into the future, as we strive to transform the lives of people burdened by debt,” said Lou Antonelli, Beyond Finance’s chief operating officer. “Additionally, the determination we take with providing for our clients we must surpass with our team, which I believe we have done.” 

It starts with a group of new executives at Beyond Finance with decades of proven experience in their respective fields. They joined the team based on that ability as well as their dedication to serving others.

  • Dave Gonzales and Eric Heller were hired together as co-Heads of Sales
  • Tom Blank hired as Senior Vice President of Client Experience
  • John Pollak hired as Vice President of People        
  • Christa Gochenaur hired as Vice President of Talent Strategy

Together, this skilled team of industry experts is elevating Beyond as a leader of choice in the debt resolution industry. 

Building Strong First Impressions

Co-heads of Sales Dave Gonzales and Eric Heller are former co-founders of Greenlink Financial. Together, they bring an ambitious vision to help Beyond Finance.

“No matter how well people plan for an emergency, the struggles of debt can affect anyone. When those challenges become more difficult, people need to know where to turn for help,” said Heller.

They will focus on their number one goal–to ensure all conversations with potential clients are based on compassion and empathy.  

“We are doing much more than spearheading an improved sales process for Beyond Finance,” said Gonzales. “We are examining how our clients and prospects define ‘debt resolution’. That creates a new narrative that inspires them to change their finances. By doing that, we will create a safe place for those challenged by debt. Once there, our clients can finally breathe, feel confident and live with ease.”

Mastering the Client-First Mindset

Once any organization secures someone as a client, the experience must remain consistent. That’s how Beyond Finance builds trust and sustains hope in the process. Overseeing that client experience is Tom Blank.

“To help our clients move beyond debt in the best way, we have to think about how they feel being overwhelmed by debt,” said Blank. “It is the goal of every member of our client success team to educate and empower our clients so they can see an end to this financial struggle.”

Blank focuses on examining how Beyond Finance delivers value to its clients. From there, he executes a system that keeps clients engaged in investing in their accounts. As that engagement builds, clients can then adjust their relationship with money management in a healthy fashion.

Changing the Face of HR

Beyond Finance found human resources experts who could expand the company’s reach into recruiting, compliance, and corporate culture.

“In the world of HR, people are the most important asset,” said Christa Gochenaur, VP of Talent Strategy. “The global pandemic changed how people work and why they are driven to come to work each day. Understanding those trends and their statistics will help us reach more job candidates and recruit the right people for the right positions.”

John Pollak, who now heads up human resources, recruiting, and people management at Beyond Finance, believes people are choosing the quality of life over other features a company offers. This puts the power in the prospective employees’ hands.

“Now that HR executives are challenged to transform their departments into a dedicated People Team, strength has shifted,” said Pollak. “If the employee isn’t priority one, they will find somewhere else to feel that way. Everything that comes with it enhances that experience.”

Looking Ahead into 2022

Evolving and scaling the senior management team was a primary goal for Beyond Finance. In the wake of the global pandemic, the organization’s leadership took some time to understand how they could transform the team. This was an important first step before they had an opportunity to transform the lives of others. 

“We searched the country for the best professionals to take care of those we serve, and with that as our focus, we will strive to create a memorable experience for the lives we touch daily,” Antonelli said. 

About Beyond Finance
Based in Houston, Texas, Beyond Finance, LLC is a leader in the debt resolution industry and serves clients burdened by unsecured debt. Beyond Finance meets clients wherever they are in their debt journey and uses personalized debt reduction programs to give them the clarity, confidence, and tools they need. Beyond Finance establishes standards and best practices to move clients beyond debt and transform their lives with more offices in San Diego, California, and Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit