Lou Antonelli in the news

Beyond Finance is a thriving debt resolution company. We have helped many hard-working Americans, and now we are getting in the news. Well-traveled business blog and review site Best Company put together a post that needs more awareness–“Best Debt Relief Companies and Why You Can Trust Them.”

If anyone should understand the benefits of a debt relief organization. we know the guy. He’s also an expert on why you can trust them–our Chief Operating Officer Lou Antonelli.

What Say You?

Following four smart signs of a trustworthy debt relief company, we get closer to seeing Lou in the news. The reporter gets to some common debt resolution myths. Then, with the help of experts, she explains how to debunk them. At Myth 4, we get to a common one: Debt relief will take forever.

Just as debt accumulates over time, “debt relief requires commitment and time” (Lou Antonelli, Beyond Finance). The debt relief process typically takes 24–48 months to settle all possible debts, but this is small in comparison to a lifetime of debt if you leave it unresolved.

Best Company, Nov. 3, 2021

Whether you read about debt resolution in the news or read about it on our website, that is some bunk that needs debunking. Many of our clients graduate from our program within three years. Debt is something you have; it’s not who you are. You know your debt does not define, so why not get rid of it?

If you are tired of the collection calls and worrying about late payments, you can get a fast and free assessment to determine if debt resolution is a route for you. Believe Lou and us, the relief is waiting on your decision.