Beyond Finance's Dr. Kate Mielitz discusses retirement and college

When parents are faced with the payments for their children’s college, Beyond Finance’s Director of Financial Counseling Dr. Kate Mielitz, AFC, believes many parents end up sacrificing their retirement.

Connecticut Kids and Family” magazine asked her about her opinion for their readers and subscribers.

Recognizing that higher education may not be the best fit for everyone is essential to understanding what side of this discussion you favor. Some people may opt not to pursue it or doubt their ability to succeed once they do. Furthermore, numerous jobs are available that pay a living wage and do not require a college degree. 

In the interview, Dr. Kate talks about options to help protect retirement and still provide for a child’s college options. For more information, the article about “The Balancing Act” is available for readers online.

Dr. Kate Mielitz earned her doctorate in personal financial planning from Kansas State University. She has also been an Accredited Financial Counselor® since 2009. Additionally, Mielitz holds a bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism and a master of arts in communications from the University of Wyoming.