MARCH 15, 2021 (HOUSTON)Beyond Finance is among the national leaders in the debt settlement industry speaking out about House Bill 76 that is being considered by the state legislature in North Carolina. The bill, entitled “Modernize Debt Settlement Prohibition,” seeks to remove the right to choose debt settlement from North Carolinians as an option to get out from under the burden of unsecured debt.

“Eliminating this viable option for consumers can cause greater financial harm,” said Lou Antonelli, chief operating officer of Beyond Finance. “In these days of economic difficulty and personal debt spiraling out of control, people need help. We work with our clients to resolve their debt, restore their credit score and reduce their financial stress.”

According to Experian, North Carolina residents collectively were in debt of $371.9 billion in 2020. Based on U.S. statistical averages, many of those residents do not qualify for a personal consolidation loan, leaving them with only two options for debt relief – debt settlement or filing bankruptcy.

For many people struggling with personal debt across the country, finding debt settlement has been a massive relief because bankruptcy could be avoided. Some assume consumers get in debt because of poor money management skills. On the contrary, most customers we see face unexpected emergencies. That’s what happened to North Carolinian Kathy Gembarowicz. Tragedy struck her family and choosing the debt settlement route helped her survive.

“I lost my husband last year, and along with his death came a lot of debt,” said Gembarowicz, a Beyond Finance client. “I’m still looking for work, but Beyond Finance has helped me get out of debt.”

Another story has become common during the pandemic – a child helping an elderly parent stay alive but struggling with medical expenses. Wendy S. reached out to her state representative about HB76, but it seems her voice wasn’t heard as the House voted unanimously to pass the bill through.

“My father’s medications were costing $700+ per month. He was having to choose between food, power, a roof over his head, or buying meds to save his life,” said Wendy. “I tried to work with the credit card companies directly, but they were not much help. My options were to file bankruptcy, which I did not want to do.”

Stories like these, are familiar, but they will fade away if House Bill 76 is passed through the State Senate.

North Carolinians who believe debt resolution is a good choice or those currently in a program from any organization are invited to visit and sign the petition alerting the State Senate about the repercussions of voting this into law.

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