CBS News interviewed Beyond Finance's Dr. Kate Mielitz

With rising costs of living and soaring gas prices everywhere, CBS News and other national outlets are interested in discussing the benefits of debt resolution. Policymakers, influencers, and industry leaders may need help understanding everything Beyond Finance does. Still, one thing is clear — it is all to benefit hard-working Americans and help them move beyond debt.

According to a recent CBS News story citing a CBS News/YouGov poll, there is a pressing need for concern. More than 65% of skeptical Americans “view the U.S. economy as bad.”

To learn different perspectives on that number, CBS News Moneywatch asked debt relief experts similar questions–the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, a New York-based debt relief attorney, a CEO of a national lending company, and Director of Beyond Finance’s Affiliated Financial Counseling, Dr. Kate Mielitz.

People generally turn to debt resolution when they can’t afford multiple minimum payments. These companies often provide peace of mind for customers who aren’t comfortable negotiating with creditors, don’t understand their rights or have the time to negotiate debt when they’ve had an unexpected financial hardship.

We encourage you to take time and read the entirety of this story. Debt resolution is worth it. Thousands of clients have determined this is the last step in their financial journey, and we couldn’t be happier.

Give us two minutes of your time to learn how you can be free of the financial stress related to those collection calls and increased worry. That’s all it takes to begin your financial journey toward moving beyond debt.