Dr. Kate Mielitz interviewed on the LifeBlood podcast

A national show highlighting ways to help humans flourish, the LifeBlood podcast took a moment to discuss how to achieve a financial journey and interviewed Dr. Kate Mielitz.

Kate leads the Beyond Finance Accredited Financial Client Counseling team and is dedicated to helping those who trust us move beyond debt and transform their lives. Her conversation with friend and colleague George Grombacher walked through many situations that cause someone to consider debt resolution.

“Some people have to take on unsecured debt just to survive, which means they may have to choose how to move forward,” she said. “Beyond Finance allows people to breathe, spend their money and settle their debts.”

This edition of the LifeBlood podcast is a 20-minute conversation between friends who talk about the plan, journey, and, most importantly, the trust Beyond Finance creates with clients who need help with their finances.

Dr. Kate notes a couple of ways to seek assistance for financial well-being:

  • Consider speaking to an accredited financial counselor at www.FindAnAFC.org.
  • Think about financial therapy or planning. One of Beyond Finance’s partners is the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute.
  • Spend two minutes for a free assessment with Beyond Finance to see if debt resolution works for you.

Listen to Dr. Kate’s insight about what you can do to gain stronger financial literacy, and learn more about how Beyond Finance can help you understand your financial journey.

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