Falling in love with your finances can be easy

How to Fall in Love with Your Finances (Again)

Every client we are privileged to serve at Beyond Finance is encouraged to focus on the central area of financial health—creating a positive relationship and “falling in love” with your finances. (It’s near Valentine’s Day. Let us have that one pun.)

Before they came to us for help, most of our clients struggled with money. However, those issues vary from person to person. For example, a married couple could have allowed debt to erode their marriage, while an older adult on a fixed income may have felt anxiety when one of her creditors rang the phone.

Whatever the situation, the result is someone who feels a level of financial stress. That’s what creates a negative relationship with money.

Since having an income is a part of life that isn’t going away, we should all consider falling in love with our finances. It may sound impossible. It’s not, and we can prove it.

Here are seven ways to fall in love with your finances and remove the stress in your life.

Invest Time into Your Finances

Money is time, so is falling in love with your finances
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Relationships require investment. If you don’t spend time with your significant other, that relationship won’t last long. Money is the same way. It would be best to track every dime while working on your comeback story. Learn your budget. Don’t spend more than you make. Understand where your money is going because no one will do it for you if you don’t. Also, show gratitude for what you have instead of being upset for what you don’t have. It works.

Enjoy the Cheap Dates

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Now that you have a budget stick to it. Falling in love with your finances requires being disciplined with what you have because the day will come when you have more. There are plenty of things to do that create memories and not debt. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or even get ice cream. Numerous items are around you that don’t cost much money. They fit into your budget and, most of all is, easy to do without the worry of overdraft fees.

Set Goals Together

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Everyone you know would like to go on a fancy vacation. Whether flying halfway across the world or staying in some exotic location, those are dreams for the future. However, you can set short-term goals and work toward them. But only if you know how to fall in love with your finances. Responsibility creates a healthy relationship with your money. If you pay yourself every month and put that money in a designated account no one touches, you may surprise yourself with how little time it takes. Staycations or road trips can be inexpensive getaways, and your saved money can help you do it.

Be Honest

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Indeed, you have heard this before. Honesty is always best in a relationship, which is why you should be honest with yourself when dealing with your finances. It isn’t easy seeing others on social media with all the stuff you want, but if you can’t afford it, don’t try until you are honestly ready to do so. Reward yourself occasionally for being dedicated and honest. That’s good in any relationship, so keep it healthy and stay honest.

Get Back to the Basics

Getting back to the basics is how you can fall in love with your finances again.
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When clients pay their debts with negotiated settlements we have secured for them, they take one of their first steps in this “financial reset.” And when you are ready to start over after the creditors are paid, stay in the slow lane. Get back to the basics and create a firm foundation for you and your finances. Understand your priorities, and if you need to cut anything from your budget, do it. Don’t live above your means. Stick with the basics, and your bank account will thank you.

Pay It Forward

Always look for ways to pay it forward and give back
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Now, what relationship do you know works if both people involved are not paying it forward and giving back to each other? It doesn’t happen. Love is reciprocal and should be mutual. The same should happen with the relationship with your finances. To fall in love with your finances may sound cheesy, but it is important to have a healthy relationship with your money. It may sound counter-intuitive to talk about giving money away when you need to save it but consider how it makes you feel to surprise a loved one or a stranger. It makes the world a better place, which includes your world.

Fill Your Mind

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Another thing about a financial reset is getting rid of that “stinking thinking.” You have learned bad habits, which have created unhealthy thoughts. Yet, to fall in love with your finances, it would help if you had a better perception of those finances. That begins with what you know about money. We call it “financial literacy.” Find a blog, read a book, or talk to someone who understands how we should work with our money. Show yourself this new relationship is possible.

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