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The 10 Cash-Back Apps You May Want to Help Your Cost of Living

Cash-back apps were the wave of the future more than a decade ago. Today, they’re as common as that card in your wallet. There are many out there, but you must be selective to know which works best for you. Sometimes, a little shopping will get you a long way. 

1. Ibotta 

If you are a grocery shopper in your household, you would enjoy Ibotta. Users gain cash-back rewards and can use them to scan receipts and link loyalty cards. Granted, this is a trend among cash-back apps because coupons and rewards with groceries put up the least roadblocks.

Every time you reach $20, you can withdraw cash back. Ibotta is one of the largest known cash-back apps, so you’ll have success anywhere from Walmart to Whole Foods. Select your rebates before you shop and enjoy the savings.

2. Rakuten

rakuten is one of the best cash-back apps

Another free cash back and shopping app is Rakuten. Most commercials associate this app with cash rewards for clothing, food or travel. Rakuten’s flexibility helped create a standard for cash back and rebate application space–online and in-store purchases.

Shop until you drop, but check the app because different retailers offer different rates. It’s user-friendly but requires a little more work, which is different for both shopping experiences. Payments are sent out once a quarter, so don’t quit your day job.

3. Rocket Money 

Rocket Money is one of the best cash-back apps

What Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) does better than all cash-back apps is helping you with literacy and financial planning. How’s your energy statement or phone bill? If you’re unsure where to look or what to do, Rocket Money looks into minimizing your expenses at the press of a button.

You need to help them by scanning pictures and uploading bills, but your diligence pays off–literally. Most financial discounting and management tools are premium services, but it’s a decent investment if you seek help.

4. KashKick

If you haven’t heard of KashKick or seen commercials among the cash-back apps, not many have. Some organizations offer surveys for rewards. Local marketing firms and global business organizations require opinions to help mold their outreach decisions.

That investment helps them determine what direction their sales, marketing, operations or human resources dollars will go. Thanks to KashKick, you can be one of those opinions by filling out an online survey or watching videos.

5. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is one of the best cash-back apps

A few cash-back apps help you save money on gas and groceries. Checkout 51 allows you to scan a receipt once you account for what was purchased. It sends push notifications to notify users of offers or coupons, which can be claimed multiple times.

It is eligible at most big-box and convenience stores, but research before shopping. Checkout 51 also works if you shop online, but all receipts must be uploaded to your profile for credit and rewards.

6. Honey 

Honey is one of the best cash-back apps

This has nothing to do with an organic diet. It’s a browser extension that does the searching for you. Creating a profile and clicking a button can make more than 30,000 coupon codes available for your cost-cutting needs.

Honey is also a user-friendly app if you aren’t interested in opening your laptop each time. Using more with consistency earns more rewards. Focus on the stores you like and save more money to get discounts or even free merchandise with enough points.

7. Dosh 

This is a cash-back app that provides instant gratification. With Dosh, you can shop at all participating brick-and-mortar stores and receive an automatic reward inside your phone. Dosh is a growing app at many larger hotels, restaurants and stores.

Transactions are registered in your app each time you use one of your connected credit cards. Once you have $15, transfer it to your bank account or use one of the in-app connections to donate that amount to charity.

8. MyPoints

This is one of consumers’ most generous cash-back apps. With fast payouts and unexpected bonus points, MyPoints allows its free members to save on groceries and retail.

Following the lead of KashKick, one of this app’s key differentiators is that it has embraced the “take-and-receive” trend among other industry applications. Consumers can earn up to 2,200 points per survey and even be rewarded for playing games and trivia.  

9. Swagbucks

Like MyPoints, Swagbucks has activated the ability to reward consumers in more ways than rebates. Users can join for free and take surveys for money in their pocket. Swagbucks is one of the most recognized cash-back apps, with an active media relations outreach.

According to its website, Swagbucks gives away 7,000 gift cards daily. There is also a feature to get paid to search the Web–something you’re doing anyway. That functionality and number impress new users and create anticipation with immediate usage.

10. Upromise

Upromise is unlike most cash-back apps in that its audience is almost exclusively students working hard to repay their school loans. The app allows students to save for college and families to create a fund following their students’ graduation.

The key is linking the Upomrise account to a 529 college savings plan, giving the app novelty. By using participating airlines, online stores, restaurants and some retail merchandisers, Upromise helps families with the expense of college with small cash-back rewards. 

Remember, overcoming debt is a journey – not a race. Patience, persistence and informed decision-making are your allies. Before making any decisions, consider talking to a consolidation specialist at Beyond Finance. They can provide personalized advice and guidance tailored to your unique situation.