Beyond Debt Now Sarah Blattel

The word is still spreading, but Beyond Finance is helping our clients get out of debt faster than anticipated. All Beyond Finance clients who are enrolled in a debt resolution program, and have made at least one payment toward their negotiated payment, are eligible to be selected to move “Beyond Debt Now.”

The idea is an anonymized selection process that chooses one client every month who receives the news that Beyond will pay their largest tradeline. And just like that, Beyond Finance clients are thousands of dollars closer to moving beyond debt.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Blattel is a proud success story of Beyond Finance who was helped to get out of debt through debt resolution.

Our latest client to receive this news is Sarah, who lives about 30 minutes northeast of Kansas City, Missouri. Sarah is a social worker who loves her work because she is dedicated to helping others. 

We understand the feeling of wanting to get out of debt, so we believe Beyond Debt Now is essential for our client relationships. 

Sarah told us a lousy relationship exploited her kindness and generosity, bringing on the bill collectors and stress over debt. Although she felt alone, her situation was not unique–neither was her need for help

“I researched online for the best debt resolution companies,” she said. “Beyond Finance didn’t make me feel ashamed of my current situation.”

As she describes it, the “smooth and easy process” was calling Beyond’s toll-free number for a free assessment of her debt. From there, she learned of her potential to eventually become debt-free. From that first phone call, Sarah believed she was informed and could make a safe decision and a smooth transition.

Hear Sarah

For every “Sarah” who worries about how to get out of debt and finally asks for help, many suffer in silence. You see them every day. And no one knows they’re hiding from the phone or avoiding the mail. They haven’t told anyone the car broke down, the marriage is ending, or they couldn’t afford to go out to lunch with friends from work. 

Sarah knew that feeling and dealt with it alone until she could set aside the stress and call Beyond Finance for help. Now that she has been a faithful client and a surprise recipient for Beyond Debt Now, we asked her for help too.

Sarah, tell us how you felt when you got the call about Beyond Finance. Once you completed your assessment and found out how much was your consolidated payment, were you relieved? And, at any point, did you consider stopping the program?

I felt more at ease with my payments. It was less than what I was trying to pay then, making me feel like I would eventually get out of the debt. I have never thought about stopping the program; I have had faith in the process and seen its benefits.

I was offered the loan option but did not take it because it did not work best for me financially. They were never pushy about the loan, and I appreciated that. They always supported whatever financial decision worked best for me and the program.

How did you feel when you were told about Beyond Debt Now and we were removing one of your tradelines?

I honestly did not believe it was real. I cried when told they would take over one of my tradelines. Surprisingly, it was the largest tradeline I had left to pay. I felt a huge relief that there was light at the end of the tunnel and that if you keep working the program, it does work!  

If you would recommend Beyond Finance to anyone open about their debt or ashamed to tell anyone, what would you say to encourage them to consider this organization? 

I have spoken to several friends about the program and encouraged them to try it! I have already told them Beyond Finance will not give them the runaround. They were always great to talk to over the phone and answered any questions. It is an excellent program to consider.

Be Like Sarah

Beyond Debt Now is something extra we do for our clients, but the most important thing is to customize a plan to help everyone get out of debt and get much closer to living the debt-free lives they deserve.

Suppose you’re enrolled in the Beyond Finance debt resolution program. In that case, you can access the weekly financial wellness sessions to speak with like-minded people, as Sarah mentioned in this article! Register here for the next session. 

If you’re not in our program but are interested in tackling your debt, click here for a free consultation!