Allen Coltrin - Beyond Debt Now Sacramento May 2023

Late last year, Beyond Finance launched a client surprise campaign called “Beyond Debt Now.” Enrolled individuals are nominated across various departments with client-facing involvement (e.g., sales, client success, marketing, financial counseling)

Following an anonymized selection process, clients are called with the good news that a considerable enrolled debt will be removed from their total amount due. This will remove thousands of dollars they owe and reduce their monthly consolidated payment.

Beyond Finance is here to move people beyond debt. With Beyond Debt Now, our clients get there faster than expected and can begin transforming their lives earlier than they planned.

Meet Allen

Allen is a retired gentleman from Oroville, California, about an hour north of the state capital in Sacramento. When he came to Beyond Finance, he was sidelined from working because of medical limitations.

Between the skyrocketing cost of living, inflation, and Allen’s inability to find work, it felt like there was no relief in sight. Sometimes life spirals out of control, and it’s a struggle to calm things down.

He researched a way out and contacted a credit union that could provide the affordable solution he needed.

This is usually the moment in a commercial when the voice-over person says, “And that’s when he came to [Beyond Finance.]” With Allen, the last time was the charm. Following the credit union, he chose another option that gave him sticker shock.

He looked around online and eventually found a company that didn’t rely on tearing down competitors’ reputations but rather focused on serving its clients in every way–emotionally and financially. 

What bothered me about each company I called was that they weren’t afraid to trash the other companies I contacted,” Allen said. “That’s not acceptable in my book.”

And that’s when he came to Beyond Finance for help.

Hear Allen

When Allen was told about Beyond Debt Now and given the good news, we asked if he would share his story and help other people across America facing the same hopeless situation related to personal debt and inability to pay what they owed.

He asked, “When can we start?”

Allen, how did you feel about your situation once your assessment was completed and you were told your consolidated payment?

When I was given the amount of my consolidated payment, I had to take a deep breath as it was in the amount I said I could do.

Share your feelings when you were told about Beyond Debt Now and the surprise of taking one debt away from the total debt you were paying off. 

When [I was] told that one of my lines of credit would be completely paid off, I was overwhelmed with emotion. All I could do was keep my hands over my face and cry. My goal of being debt free was all of a sudden coming closer. It was within reach.

If you would recommend Beyond Finance to anyone open about their debt or ashamed to tell anyone, what would you say to encourage them to consider this organization? 

This organization has the same goal as you do–to get you debt free! I was, and still am, embarrassed about my debt problem. The people at Beyond Finance give you the tools to get out of your problem.

While they work to help you with your debt, you can get the support you need from other debtors like you in a group setting. These people are your friends, and they experience the same fears and anxieties you do. But, you are encouraged to support each other. It can’t get much better than that.

Be Like Allen

Beyond Debt Now is something extra we do for our clients, but the most important thing we do is customize a solution to help every one of them move beyond debt and get closer to living the debt-free lives they deserve.

If you’re a client of Beyond Finance, you have access to the weekly financial wellness sessions to speak with like-minded people, as Allen mentioned in this article! Click here to register for the next session. 

If you’re not a client but are interested in tackling your debt, click here for a free consultation!