Jay Hakim VP of Beyond Finance editorial

As a national financial technology (FinTech) company, Beyond Finance must stay apprised of current trends and industry growth pertaining to data analytics and other technology fields. Jay Hakim, Beyond Finance Vice President of Business and Data Analytics, was asked to write an editorial from trade outlet, InsideBigData.com.

Their monthly edition of “Heard on the Street” features industry leaders’ thoughts on any number of subjects related to technology. For Jay Hakim, it was about something pertaining to any program in this industry. He wrote about a topic that has been blossoming for years in the debt consolidation and solution space, “Artificial Intelligence is Evolving the Future of Financial Services.

Jay begins his thoughts like this:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new level of digitalization for the financial services industry. A 2020 survey from the World Economic Forum shared that 77% of financial institutions ‘anticipate AI will be of high importance to their businesses within two years.

They were right. 

From there, he digs into the responsibility of the financial services industry to keeping updated and refreshed to how people in his role can leverage the strength of AI. Additionally, that knowledge will help FinTech professionals aware of how it can used for data risk, as well as preventing it.

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