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Breaking News: Every company seems to have a sign in their window (or on their website) reading “Now Hiring!” The current employment statistics of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) read that payroll employment rises by 235,000 in August. That’s an unemployment rate in decline to 5.2%.

Furthermore in the BLS, we discover the job outlook in the next 10 years for software (i.e., developers, quality assurance, analysts, testers) are growing 22% faster than average industries can churn out open jobs for applying.

Andrea Minhas Beyond Finance
Source: Beyond Finance

These statistics are especially welcoming for the throng of software developers and QAs searching for better positions in their careers. Namely, when they find these statistics in media articles. One such article was found posted by our friends at Built-in Chicago.

The source got in touch with our own Software Engineer II, Andrea Minhas about the open availabilities we have to offer among our own tech stack.

Hear How Beyond Finance is Now Hiring

Our web applications are built with Ruby on Rails. One of my favorite tech tools that our team uses is New Relic. It’s a great tool that has helped us not only to troubleshoot bugs in development, but it also allowed us to be proactive about establishing KPIs for our features and ensuring that our features function as we intended them to post-release.

Andrea Minhas, Beyond Finance

And if you think that’s impressive, you should read what Andrea has to say about working at Beyond Finance:

Our bi-weekly demo meetings give us a chance to really collaborate as a team. They are great opportunities to discuss trying out new tools, go over how to use tools that maybe not everyone on the team is familiar with, and share recent projects that we’ve worked on.

More from Andrea

Our thanks to Build-in Chicago for reaching out to Andrea. More importantly, our thanks to anyone in software engineering searching for a fantastic and friendly place to work. Like our sign says too, “We are now hiring!”