Beyond Finance has $1 billion in resolved client debt

Beyond Finance, one of the nation’s largest debt resolution organizations has surpassed a benchmark. The firm has eclipsed $1 billion of resolved client debt since 2017.

Over that time, Beyond Finance has earned the trust of more than 140,000 clients who have brought in an average of $23,600 in unsecured debt (e.g., credit cards, payday loans, medical bills, owed rent).

In only 5 years, Beyond Finance has earned the trust of over 140,000 clients with an average of $23,600 in unsecured debt, which became resolved client debt.

Beyond Finance, LLC

Among those clients is Amy. Her husband was in a tragic motorcycle accident and was in surgery off and on for more than a year. When she called Beyond Finance, she had more than $50,000 in debt. Knowing that continuing to pay minimums could result in a decades-long battle, she realized she needed help.

Here is her story:

“He didn’t work. I didn’t work. And sometimes, you have to rely on credit cards to get groceries,” she said in this video testimonial. “After I talked with the representative, I felt reassured, positive, and on the right track to getting my finances paid off.”

Amy, Proud Beyond Finance Graduated Client

So far, Beyond Finance has saved Amy more than $24,000 in what she owed. Her story is not unlike the thousands of people across the country who struggle with debt and desperately need a way out. 

“What a great success for our team! Beyond Finance is dedicated to delivering results for the success of our clients. This milestone reflects the hard work of our team to execute our promise to clients,” said Beyond Finance Chief Operating Officer Lou Antonelli. “Life events happen, and sometimes, they catch us off-guard. Every person here is honored to help those who want to move beyond debt and have the life they deserve.”

Beyond Finance eclipsed $1 billion in resolved client debt in late April, thanks to a process that includes a proprietary technology system and a holistic look at their clients’ mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Leveraging the proven relationships Beyond Finance has with hundreds of creditors is at the center of that process. Beyond Finance can reduce the principal balances of what their clients owe by negotiating with these creditors. Typically, what is owed is reduced by 40-50 percent.

“That success is proof of our experience working with banks and other creditors on behalf of our clients,” said Senior Vice President of Client Settlements Hay Lee Chan. “Building those relationships over the years benefits Beyond Finance’s clients, but that hard work strengthens our process and benefits our clients.”

About Beyond Finance, LLC
Beyond Finance, LLC is one of the nation’s largest and most influential debt resolution organizations, based in Houston, Texas. By standing alongside clients wherever they are in their debt journey, Beyond Finance uses personalized debt reduction programs and proprietary technology to give them the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to move beyond debt. Since 2017, they have resolved more than $1 billion in client debt. In June 2020, it merged with an affiliate to become the dedicated company it is today. They have additional offices in Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, and Irvine, California. For more information, visit