5 Ways to Tell If a Debt Resolution Company is Trustworthy

So, you recognize that you are not making any progress paying down your debt, and you realize it is time to turn to the experts to learn how to get out of debt. After conducting some preliminary research, however, you become aware that there are literally hundreds of companies that claim they will successfully help you resolve your debt for less than you owe. If you have examined your options for how to get out of debt, and chosen debt resolution, a new problem comes to the fore: how do you know if a debt resolution company is trustworthy? The majority of debt resolution companies specialize in sales and marketing only and have no idea how to negotiate a resolution offer. Fortunately, sorting out the companies worth trusting from the companies that are not is simple – if you know what to look for.

  1. Examine Their Fee Structure. It is fairly standard for a company to set their fee as a percentage of the enrolled debt when negotiating with their creditors; it establishes both a fair method of payment and ensures the company works as hard as possible. If they try to charge a fee before they help you, this is a sign to stay away from them.
  2. Pay Attention to Their Tactics. Choosing this route is not something you should just jump into without speaking with somebody at the company. The most respectable debt resolution companies will also want to speak with you, to explain how they work and to determine whether you will be able to meet the sometimes rigorous needs of the plan. If you get on the phone and experience nothing but high-pressure tactics to “enroll” in their plan, do not do business with them.
  3. Look for the Proper Disclosures. An honest company will give you quite a bit of information on their website or in the content they send you. Not only should fees be discussed, but also the length of time until results are typically reached. Knowing specifically how much money you will save, and the nature of the savings account you set up, is fundamental information. For example, that account should be in your name and the company should inform you that you can withdraw money from it at any time. Be certain there is no lack of communication.
  4. Check Their History. Unethical companies, in the modern era, cannot get very far before somebody raises a few objections to their practices. This is especially true for companies offering debt help programs. While you will need to keep a salt shaker next to your computer while you study a company’s reputation on review sites, often a quick online search can offer up a good overview of how a debt help company is seen by its customers. Look particularly for news articles about legal action taken against the company; often if the government feels something is wrong with a company this is a sign to cut ties.
  5. Trust Your Instincts. The best way to spot a company you do not trust, however, is simply the fact that you do not trust them. Debt resolution is built on a strong relationship between the debtor and the company negotiating with their creditors. If you do not trust a company, do you really want to spend months or years working with them? Choosing a debt resolution company to help you with your debt can be a complicated process on many levels. But follow these steps, and you will be certain to find one you can trust.

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