Beyond Finance Graduates Share Their Experiences

Beyond Finance has helped thousands of clients resolve their debts and regain control of their finances. We recently interviewed a few of our program graduates to learn more about their debt stories, their reviews of Beyond Finance, and their financial health today.

Oscar and Courtney

Between raising children, going to school and managing a mortgage, Oscar and Courtney discovered their unsecured debt had creeped up to a whopping $50,000. They tried consolidating their debts through loans, but it wasn’t enough to help them get ahead. When Courtney took a leap of faith and called Beyond Finance for a free consultation, our Certified Debt Specialists set plans in motion to help her and Oscar achieve financial freedom. 

Martha and Jerry

Martha got caught up with a predatory company, which greatly impacted her finances. At first, she and Jerry were unsure of where to turn other than bankruptcy. When they discovered Beyond Finance, Martha and Jerry were surprised to learn they could get financial relief and move on with their lives. Their customized program renewed Jerry’s faith in others, knowing that there are people like Beyond Finance’s team members who want to help others in unfortunate financial circumstances.

Dan Y

A natural disaster left Dan’s home with extensive damage, and he had to rely on credit cards to pay for repairs. Hear how Beyond Finance reduced Dan’s monthly payments, allowing him to rebuild his home and his credit after the storm.

Start Moving Beyond Your Debt Today

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