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Beyond Finance Reviews: Client Testimonials From Each Stage of the Journey

If you’ve found yourself in debt, trying to scrape together enough for your bills, the interest on those bills and the many fees in between, keeping up can feel like an impossible task. And the idea of climbing out of that hole once and for all can feel even more impossible. You may find yourself feeling desperate, ashamed, and alone. 

But the truth is, you are far from alone. The average credit card holder in America is thousands of dollars in debt. Millions of people in this country have fallen on hard times and are similarly looking for hope, as well as a real solution.

Of course, we at Beyond Finance could go on about how we pride ourselves on our reduced monthly payments, customer service, smooth processes and positive outcomes, but we thought: let’s let our clients speak for themselves.

That’s why we’ve compiled a series of recent Beyond Finance reviews from Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) so you can see for yourselves that real people have turned to Beyond Finance when they were in situations just like yours — and are seeing results right now.

Beginning the Journey

It’s not easy to make the decision of how to resolve your debt. There are countless companies offering different approaches to debt relief, and you will inevitably ask yourself, “which ones can actually help me? Which have legitimate, proven experience? Which will give me a real person on the other line who will be transparent and honest with me about my situation, so I know I can trust them?”

I felt relieved for the first time in decades.

These first testimonials are from folks at the beginning of their Beyond Finance program, finally seeing their despair turn to hope. They experienced immediate financial relief after enrolling and are now able to picture a brighter future.

“I was very stressed with the overwhelming feeling of bills to the point where I was in tears. My representative was very clear with everything that was about to happen which set me at ease immediately. It felt like a ton of bricks was removed.” 

Diann, April 8, 2022 (Trustpilot)

“Very pleasant experience. I felt relieved for the first time in decades. It was as if someone held my hands and said, ‘we’re here for you.’” 

Paul, April 29, 2022 (Trustpilot)

“Not only are these guys patient but they are definitely gonna make sure to break everything down so that … you are comfortable and understand the process. I want to thank you guys, especially the representative I talked to — I’m excited to see what’s going to happen…” 

Whitney, April 8, 2022 (Trustpilot)

“They actually came at a time when I really didn’t know where my next meal was going to come from or if I was going to have enough money to pay my bills. I was having a really hard time, feeling deep depression — and just out of the blue I get a phone call from Beyond and I felt like someone upstairs was listening.” 

Charlotte, May 6, 2022 (Trustpilot)

Seeing Results

You’ll begin to feel even more at ease the moment you see those first real results. Having just one less creditor to contend with takes a significant weight off your shoulders and will give you that confidence that the process is moving forward as it should.

The clients behind these Beyond Finance reviews are midway through their program, and are relieved to know that it’s actually working for them. 

I will already have one credit card paid off in May and I’m starting on a second one.

“So happy with Beyond Finance. I was really in trouble and I was so ready for this program. I will already have one credit card paid off in May and I’m starting on a second one.” 

Jeree, April 30, 2022 (BBB)

“I’m impressed. Just a few months in and they’re already breaking ground. Though I’m still unsure about my creditors, I know the name of the game and I’m alright with it. Thanks for what you’re doing, guys.” 

David, May 8, 2022 (BBB)

“So far, a very unexpected, awesome experience. Very grateful to be a part of a program that is literally helping me to solve my debt.” 

Vaneasha, April 24, 2022 (BBB)

“Very upsetting time of my life. My representative was very reassuring that I am not alone and that they will help me achieve my goals. I have put my trust in them and have received two settlements so far. Way to go, Beyond!” 

Dorothy, May 6, 2022 (BBB)

Debt Resolved! You’re Free

Moving beyond debt is one of the most freeing experiences you can have. You leave behind the feeling of fighting desperately to stay afloat, and you’re no longer beholden to your creditors — you can now simply focus on living your best life.

The people behind the following Beyond Finance reviews are living proof that it’s possible. They all graduated from their programs and debt is no longer a part of their lives.

Beyond Finance helped me immensely in getting my family out of debt.

“So glad I reached out to this company. I have finally gotten my debt under control without having to file for bankruptcy.”

Brittany, April 27, 2022 (BBB)

“Beyond Finance helped me immensely in getting my family out of debt.”

Sabrina, April 22, 2022 (BBB)

“Beyond Finance — thank you for helping me get out of credit card debt. I was trying to help my nephew out, but didn’t realize he went too far and eventually lost his job. He now has a new job and will be helping to pay his part! Thanks for all your help…”

Mary, April 10, 2022 (Trustpilot)

“They have helped me so much by taking my worries away and helping me get out of credit card debt. I’m so glad I called.”

Kathryn, April 30, 2022 (Trustpilot)

No matter where you are in your debt relief journey — still looking for the right company to work with, midway through our program, or just one settlement away from freedom — you’re not alone. And the experiences behind these Trustpilot and BBB Beyond Finance reviews reflect real-life stories of hope.

Know that at this very moment there are people who’ve gone through debt struggles just like yours, who are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We at Beyond Finance would love to be the ones to help you on your journey towards a debt-free existence. 

Reach out if you haven’t already had your free consultation with one of our Certified Debt Specialists. We’re here to help you move beyond debt.

Note: Beyond Finance reviews have been edited for clarity, grammar, and length. Testimonials reflect each individual’s opinion and may not be illustrative of all program experiences.