Beyond’s Weekly Video Series: Join the Conversation

At Beyond Finance, we believe that resolving debt is a lifestyle change. While our program will make your monthly payments more affordable right away, you didn’t get into debt overnight. Staying out of debt in the future can be easier if you actively nurture and improve your relationship with money over time. That’s why we offer a weekly conversation series to help our clients learn how to manage the complex emotions money creates while completing their debt resolution program.

“I needed to see that there are other people like me.”

Beyond Finance Client

How It Works

Each week, Dr. Erika Rasure, Beyond’s Financial Therapist, hosts a live video lesson and Q&A session exclusively for enrolled clients. The session includes a short presentation on a therapy-informed topic geared toward your unique needs and concerns. The lesson is followed by a private question-and-answer session where you can receive personalized answers and support. 

Each hour-long session includes

  • A short presentation on a relevant topic (which is recorded and shared with clients who couldn’t attend)
  • A Live Q&A Session for Current Clients

“These weekly video sessions have been a godsend.”

Beyond Finance Client

How it Helps

Dealing with debt can be hard and, let’s face it, a little lonely. Luckily, your debt resolution program doesn’t have to be! Each session, you’ll be joined by a group of your peers – people just like you who are working to resolve their debt with the help of Beyond Finance. 

Together you’ll have the chance to learn new skills and strategies from our financial experts, ask questions, and connect with people who understand what you are going through. 

“Your encouragement has kept me going this week.”

Beyond Finance Client

Meet Our Experts

Each weekly conversation features financial therapists Nathan Astle and Dr. Erika Rasure. Together they discuss money topics and answer your big questions in a personalized way. 

Nathan Astle, Financial Therapist

Nathan Astle, LMFT, is a Certified Financial Therapist specializing in financial trauma and treating couples’ financial conflicts. He has been featured for his work in various outlets, including CNBC, USA Today, Acorn, TD Ameritrade, and others. 

Dr. Erika Rasure, Financial Therapist

Dr. Erika Rasure is an accomplished financial advisor and university professor turned financial therapist, educator, and researcher. Her rare perspective and expertise are highly sought after and celebrated by finance advocates worldwide.

Join the Conversation and Learn With Beyond

If you need some encouragement, have questions, want to connect with others in the program, or are curious about what we do, there are two ways you can join our weekly conversations. 

  • Register and attend a live session
  • Watch later on Vimeo using a link we send via email

To respect your privacy, the Q&A session after each lesson is not recorded. However, every lesson is available to watch at any time on Vimeo through a link we send out via email. If you want to participate in or observe the live Q&A, be sure to register for one of our live sessions, which are held every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

What We’ve Learned Together So Far

Recent sessions have focused on understanding your debt resolution program, how to talk to your family about money, recognizing and setting your own financial priorities, dealing with financial bullies, emotional coping skills, financial boundaries, and more.

How (and Why) Debt Resolution Programs Work

Understanding how and why your debt resolution programs work will empower you as you complete your program. In this session, we cover the basics of your program as well as common misconceptions and concerns.

How to Talk to Family About Money

Talking to family about money matters can be stressful. In this session, we cover how to approach and get the most out of these important conversations.

Setting and Maintaining Financial Boundaries

Boundaries are important, especially in money matters. This session will help you set and maintain financial boundaries that will help you complete your program and beyond.

You Deserve Financial Peace of Mind

The feedback we’ve received from our weekly conversation participants affirms that these sessions are helping to transform and encourage our clients as they work to complete their program. 

“I seriously look forward to Tuesdays now because of these sessions.”

Beyond Finance Client

You deserve financial peace of mind, and that’s just what our clients who participate in our weekly conversations discover. Join us, and become a part of our community of clients who are moving beyond their debt together and building financial skills for the future.