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Financial De-Stress – Week 10: The Power of Gratitude

In 2021, we sent out this collection of de-stressing exercises to a group of clients over the span of 10 weeks in hopes that they might help alleviate the anxiety of debt as our clients moved through their programs. We received such amazing feedback that we wanted to make sure the rest of our clients had access to these 10 meditation, mindfulness, and awareness exercises as well! Enjoy this as well as our 9 previous exercises for a full, holistic de-stressing journey.

So far, our exercises about financial stress have focused on ways to reduce the strain it has on us physically, emotionally, and relationally. This week’s exercise helps you stay ahead of your entire stress response by changing your mindset. These tools have the potential to provide you with an immediate sense of well-being and can help you be more resilient to the stressors you face in the future.

Step 1: It’s Not About Me

To begin, take a minute and put all the responsibilities, stressors, and concerns you feel aside. The goal here is to develop a positive mindset about yourself and the world. Letting go of your daily demands is essential to experiencing gratitude. During this exercise, there is no giving or effort on what you should do next. Focus on what you have already.

Step 2: My Daily Top Three

Now think about the things or people that have enriched your life as recently as yesterday. It can be anyone or anything. These do not need to be huge events or important figures. Try not to focus on material objects. But this is about you, so your opinion about what to include matters most. 

Consider these moments and things for which you feel grateful, and what happened. Jot down these three things that make you most thankful. If you have a journal, that’s a beautiful place to keep your gratitude lists. If not, write them down anywhere. Your computer or even keep them as voice memos on your phone.

Step 3: I Am Thankful

Reflect on your list for a minute. Let the feeling of gratitude take you over. Savor the strength of a positive mindset, the joy of being fortunate enough to have experienced the things on your list.

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Holding onto this positive mindset is something each of us can learn to do. Writing in your gratitude journal at least three times a week is the best way to ensure your thankfulness lasts. Another way you can keep in touch with gratitude is to create a gratitude jar.

Write your Daily Top Three on separate pieces of paper. Then, drop it in your jar. If you find yourself having a challenging time feeling grateful, reach for one of your gratitude notes from your jar. Those reminders are a fantastic way to refresh your positive outlook and help you to feel gratitude on a more regular basis.

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