Graduated client Kristie Pettway shares her story.

Graduate Studies: Learn from Former Beyond Finance Client Kristie Pettway

Finding yourself in debt can be a scary experience. It is about more than just the physical experience of creditors calling nonstop or receiving final notices. The mental anguish and stress that comes from struggling with your debt can disrupt your entire life.

Few people can share about financial stress and what it causes for a family than graduated Beyond Finance client, Kristie Pettway.

In 2020, she found herself in a financial spiral. Kristie was young, recently graduated from college, and newly married. That’s when she received a low-balance credit card. 

Kristie was caught up in the low offers over time and their convenience, namely when she didn’t have money in her account. She admits she wasn’t using the card responsibly. As the balance grew, she could only manage to make the minimum payments that Kristie knew was not going toward the owed principal amount.

“I was maintaining my lifestyle, but it wasn’t healthy,” says Kristie. “I wasn’t able to save. My payment history was excellent, but I could only make the minimum payments like many Americans today. I believed I was doing well because my bills were paid and there was no negative impact on my credit score. It is not a derogatory mark, but I was not putting a dent in my overall balance.”

Many Americans fall into the habit of only being able to make the minimum payments. Sometimes, they don’t realize they must evaluate whether the financial struggles are temporary or a more significant ongoing problem.

Kristie did that after receiving a billing statement for one of her higher cards. She did a full breakdown of her principal and interest allocations. These findings made her consider creditors and realize another action was needed.

With her mother’s help, she researched taking control of her debt and finding a solution she could manage. Kristie wanted to take responsibility for her spending and pay back what she had spent. Nervously, she called Beyond Finance to learn more about the program and how it could help her move beyond her debt.

“I remember making the call and having my mom on the call as well,” says Kristie. “Confronting your debt can be scary, and I needed somebody to help me ask in-depth questions and decide if this was the best fit for me. Being accepted into the program gave me a beacon of light.

Ultimately, Kristie was able to follow a plan, get out of debt and graduate in 2022. Today, she lives a more liquid lifestyle with her husband. What’s her most significant milestone since graduating from the program? Being more confident with her money and how it sustains her lifestyle.

“I can travel anywhere I like, and credit is not an issue,” Kristie said. “Getting anxious over making larger purchases use to be a normal emotion for me. Often, I felt apprehensive walking into situations where my options were limited. Now, I take great pride in knowing that I am beyond my debt, whether walking into Target or a BMW car dealership. I can spend freely.”

Taking the first step in your journey to being debt-free can be intimidating and scary. Potential clients need to understand they have options. Your debt does not define you.

Graduated Beyond Finance Client, Kristie Pettway shares her story and how the debt consolidation services company helped her live a life with no debt.
Source: Kristie Pettway, a proud graduated Beyond Finance client

I would recommend Beyond Finance to everyone. They will care for you whether you have $10,000 or $50,000 in debt. You can get out of debt regardless of ethnicity, background, or story. You deserve a debt-free life,” Kristie continued. 

“This experience changed my life…I felt so uneasy and was genuinely concerned. I called and spoke with a Beyond representative and immediately felt at peace. After speaking with them I was able to sleep knowing help was on the way. They let me know that Beyond Finance would handle the situation. I made the right decision in trusting them and the process.”

Helping any Beyond Finance client move beyond debt is the ultimate goal for financial wellness. However, understanding these are real people needing resolve and hoping for freedom from creditors is equally essential. Beyond Finance puts the client first and will continue to help people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bright days are ahead when people begin to act on their financial struggles. Our clients know the story.