Dr. Erika discusses misleading financial tips

Our mission at Beyond Finance is to move people beyond debt and transform their lives. We offer financial therapy, reduce your monthly payments by 40%, and help our clients better manage their money moving forward.

We also have an insightful blog that provides money management tips, articles about current trends, and things to know when looking for debt consolidation services. Many other blogs and financial columns are online but read them carefully. That’s why our Chief Financial Wellness Officer, Dr. Erika Rasure, CTC, joined a panel on “Misleading Financial Tips.”

As the GoBankingRates.com and AOL.com report begins, “It’s a good idea to think critically about [financial] advice in light of your situation.”

Dr. Erika handles misleading financial tips and misunderstood advice weekly in financial therapy with our clients. Her contribution to the article was “You can do it by yourself.” If that were always true, debt consolidation services would not be necessary. Debt can be overwhelming for anyone.

Consider guidance from a financial therapist, coach or counselor. These professionals each have incredible areas of emphasis that can help you find the balance between money matters, your feelings about them, strategies for saving toward your goals and more.

For the other expert insight in the article, we encourage you to bookmark it and read it at leisure. In the meantime, there is nothing to be ashamed of about debt. If you need help, ask. Debt is something you have; it’s not what you are.