Dr. Erika Rasure interviewed on NBC News Now

With 70% of Americans admitting they are stressed about personal finances, NBC News Now called upon one of our financial client therapists Dr. Erika Rasure this morning to discuss how we can alleviate our stress levels related to money.

Here’s the full interview on NBC News Now:

Her insight helped put these economic woes into perspective but did not understate the position of America’s emotional grief related to their personal finances. The NBC News Now anchors asked her several questions about a recent CNBC poll that touched upon that metric, among others.

One of the most compelling statements from Dr. Erika’s interview was the first thing she said when asked about these dreary financial statistics. She said, “We’re facing a perfect storm of higher inflation, economic instability, and lack of savings,” eroding our confidence and reinforcing most Americans’ financial stress.

The CNBC poll continues to discuss heightened numbers related to financial stress, such as:

  • 59% are stressed because of inflation
  • 43% are stressed because of economic instability
  • 35% are stressed because of a lack of savings

In other words, NBC News Now validated Dr. Erika’s thought of the perfect storm coming our way. Beyond Finance is comprised of many thoughtful and inspirational people like her who pour into the lives of our employees and clients each day.

We are making a difference, moving people beyond debt and transforming their lives.