Dr. Erika Rasure featured nationally during Stress Awareness Day

Since Beyond Finance partnered with stellar financial therapists like Dr. Erika Rasure, we have been able to help the media on occasions like National Stress Awareness Day. The national media has taken an active interest in “acute financial stress” with the holidays approaching.

During this season, millions of Americans will become overwhelmed with debt-related issues, like budgeting and credit cards. So, when Beyond Finance was approached during Stress Awareness Day, we acted quickly to help hard-working Americans facing difficult times.

Dr. Rasure, who helps lead our client group counseling sessions, was featured in 15 national broadcast interviews. Aside from representing Beyond Finance, she shared her thoughts to provide insight.

As I have seen throughout my career in financial therapy, it is vital for anyone to be aware of how they’re managing stress.

When the opportunity presented itself to discuss debt and finances on Stress Awareness Day, I knew I had to do it. Although worrying about finances isn’t new for anyone, how to manage the stress that comes with it is sorely misunderstood or applied.”

Erika rasure, ph.d.

Stress Awareness Day Media

Below is a list of each media opportunity provided to Dr. Rasure on National Stress Awareness Day. You’re encouraged to visit each link to learn what she had to say and her counsel to help Americans manage their finances in a healthy fashion–economically and emotionally.


FOX 24 Morning News, WTAT-TV (Charleston, South Carolina)
“Morning News at 9 a.m.” WNEM-TV (Saginaw, Michigan)
“Good Day Tulsa,” KTUL-TV (Tulsa, Oklahoma)


Stacking Benjamins” US Podcast

The Doug Wagner Show, WMT-AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Other Links: