Financial Practice Week

As Beyond Finance continues to support clients in every phase of their debt journey, there was a belief that we could do more. That inspired what is hoped to become a movement for the last week of April’s Financial Literacy Month to become “Financial Practice Week.”

Beyond Finance’s senior leadership is working with Dr. Galen Buckwalter, who has pioneered studies in psychoanalytic financial assessments, and the organization’s client financial counseling and therapy team, Nathan Astle CFT-I™, LMFTDr. Kate Mielitz, AFC, and Dr. Erika Rasure.

“Without practice, we’re only aware of a need but nowhere close to change without action,” said Dr. Rasure. “These days, we must consider being intentional about how we use knowledge in our lives, especially regarding our finances. Money is difficult for people to discuss. Even if we don’t have the answers, we must be purposeful about money to create change, which is the earnest inspiration behind Financial Practice Week.”