Dr. Erika Rasure Financial Practice Week media tour

Beyond Finance never tires of finding ways to move people beyond debt. This week, April 22-26, we are celebrating the launch of “Financial Practice Week.”

Beyond Finance Chief Financial Wellness Advisor Dr. Erika Rasure believes while April is “Financial Literacy Month,” an area of the month should move awareness into action. Establishing “Financial Practice Week” begins with making difficult decisions with a household budget and committing to change.

“Quality of life can go down because of our debt burden,” said Dr. Erika. “The adage ‘We are only as sick as our secrets’ holds true when we have no one to talk to about financial stress.”

Dr. Erika Rasure, Financial Practice Week Media Tour

After three weeks of promoting financial wellness, spend the last week of the month and put that knowledge to the test. This is the foundation of Financial Practice Week.

The launch of this week attracted the media. Below are a couple of those interviews both on television and radio. If you have questions about Financial Practice Week or how Beyond Finance could help you live the debt-free life you deserve, give us only a few minutes and stop feeling that acute financial stress.

The Doug Wagner Show

The Doug Wagner Show is a morning staple simulcast on two radio stations. It serves the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area of Illinois and Iowa (US No. 104 of 213 media market). Getting the word across both top-rated morning shows was important for consumers in the area.


XTRA 99.1 WXGM-FM Norfolk, Virginia

In Norfolk, Virginia, the Morning Show with Neal Steele serves the No. 44 U.S. media market for Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News. Neal spoke about the true premise of the debt consolidation services industry and how it applies to Financial Practice Week.


Newschannel 10 and KGNC-FM in Amarillo, Texas

The top-rated morning show in Amarillo, Texas radio (U.S. media market No. 131 of 213) is “The Chat” with Chuck, David and Rhonda. It is also simulcast on KFDA Channel 10 (CBS). Having a subject as important as Financial Practice Week and preparing for financial wellness for Amarillo was vital for this growing market’s TV and radio consumers.


Radio Kingston WKNY-AM and FM

Serving Albany, New York (US No. 59 media market), Radio Kingston and long-time staple Warren Lawrence called upon Dr. Erika to discuss the purpose and importance of Financial Practice Week amid rising costs of goods and services inflation. Additionally, Warren asked Dr. Erika about tips for practicing financial wellness.


WMC TV, NBC-5 in Memphis, Tennessee

Andrew Douglass, morning anchor for the NBC affiliate in Memphis, Tennessee (U.S. media market No. 52 of 213), spoke with Dr. Erika about the purpose of “Financial Practice Week” and if “financial literacy” during the month of April is enough for today’s consumers. As worry about personal economic woes skyrockets, Dr. Erika said, “The focus should always be about what you can do, not what you can’t. Be good to yourself.”


WRNJ Northwest New Jersey

WRNJ carries a large New Jersey audience over four stations–3 FM and 1 AM. Most talk radio consumers in southern New Jersey listen to Joyce Jones. The morning show is also part of Philadelphia’s number 4 U.S. media market. She asked Dr. Erika to be a guest and discuss the importance of testing financial literacy. Additionally, they discussed creating better habits to fill in common budget gaps.


KRBK TV Fox 49 in Arkansas

Beyond Finance stopped at Springfield, Missouri’s FOX Local News affiliate (U.S. media market number 75). Co-anchors Jeremy and Maddie on FOX-49 AM gained insight into “financial practice” and its importance to today’s consumers. Most importantly, they discussed removing the fear about finances by moving awareness into action.


Augusta GA CBS 12 and NBC 26

During the morning mix of Augusta, Georgia’s news team, Dr. Erika unveiled how “Financial Practice Week” is crucial to note because it affects us all. Because Augusta isn’t a large media market (number 110 of 213), this interview was simulcast on both the NBC and CBS TV stations. “Debt doesn’t discriminate,” she said. “We must be consistent and disciplined to determine what works for us with our finances.”

The Kristen Hagopian Show

The Kristen Hagopian Show on Biz Talk Radio

The Kristen Hagopian Show is a syndicated radio show on BIZ Talk Radio, heard on 200 AM and FM stations nationwide.

It is also featured on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple, and other major streaming platforms. Dr. Erika was on the show discussing “Financial Practice Week,” the importance of understanding your budget, personal finance wellness, and overcoming shame to gain literacy and begin managing your pocketbook.


WTVC-TV ABC and FOX in Chattanooga

Dr. Erika got a two-fer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as she was interviewed on the FOX and ABC mid-morning news shows for the Country’s number-84 media market. Kicking off the first year of Financial Practice Week, Dr. Erika noted how this week was created to complement “Financial Literacy Month” in April. She shared one of the key notes about this week: “Debt is something you have; it’s not something you are.”


WHNT-TV CBS in Hunstville, Alabama

Although it’s the number 81 media market out of 213, Huntsville, Alabama, is a small, blue-collar town in the mid-southern part of the state. Financial Practice Week was important for the CBS affiliate to carry. Dr. Erika spoke about the wide range of emotions related to personal finance. “Financial Practice Week encourages us to confront those emotions, which benefits ourselves and our money going forward.”


KCTU 5 is a leading independent news station based in Wichita, Kansas

Similarly, practicing financial wellness intrigued the leading TV news station in Wichita, Kansas (Media market number 70 in the country). Dr. Erika discussed the importance of Americans learning about their debt. She underscored that by doing something about it through budgeting, counseling, or even considering debt consolidation services.


KORE AM-FM is upstate Washington's news talk station

The Ken Johannessen Show is broadcast on both AM and FM stations in Northern Washington State. “Financial Practice Week is about the doing aspect of Financial Literacy Month,” Dr. Erika said. The interview focused on empowering consumers with financial confidence and helping them reduce their stress. “Each dollar adds to the mental load you carry, so the better you deal with your money, the better it will be for your health.”


For the noon newscast on Cincinnati’s FOX affiliate (No. 36 media market), Dr. Erika touched upon the educational side of “Financial Practice Week.”

She spoke about the pressing need for Americans to become financially literate. “She encouraged viewers to know they are not alone in their debt journey. “You are not alone,” she said about viewers’ financial issues. Each of us has financial struggles that take an emotional toll. “Clarity is key to knowing what you can do and what you need to know as we become better at financial practicing,” Dr. Erika said.


WEEK-TV is the NBC affiliate in Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois

Another noon interview took Dr. Erika to Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois, the nation’s No. 122 media market. During this interview, Dr. Erika encouraged viewers to give themselves grace with “trial and error” for budgeting. As she stresses to clients at Beyond Finance, understanding your finances doesn’t involve a “one-size-fits-all” tool. That’s why literacy throughout the month of April isn’t enough. She noted that “Financial Practice Week” is doing something for yourself and improving your economic situation through action.