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Recently, St. Louis’ CBS affiliate, KMOV-TV 4, asked Dr. Erika Rasure to discuss her thoughts. The discussion revolved around the historical increase in elderly Americans, many of whom are on fixed incomes. She states in the interview, “This will help those who need it the most.”

What Say You?

Source: KMOV-TV 4/St. Louis CBS

The concerns with our eldest generation not being able to keep up with the agonizing demands of inflation caused the Biden Administration to fight for a stimulus in the form of additional Social Security benefits.

This equates to an 8-9% increase in payouts, which will benefit more than 64 million Social Security beneficiaries. Our Dr. Erika Rasure sat down with her hometown CBS affiliate to discuss why this assistance is crucial.

This increase is meant to balance out and help normalize the benefits being received in relationship to the cost of inflation. It’s not really an increase in benefit, but will help stablize as much purchasing power as they have, which is unfortunately where the dollar is at right now.

Dr. Erika Rasure

Regretfully, the rising costs of basic needs and the burden of inflation affects us all, leaving some Americans left with missing credit card payments, overwhelming collection calls, and a feeling of shame and hopelessness.

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