Tips for extreme frugal living from Dr. Kate Mielitz

During the holidays, spending is on the mind of everyone, but so should savings. At least, that’s what Beyond Finance’s Director of Financial Counseling, Dr. Kate Mielitz, believes.

It can be difficult to go inside the mall or click on a shopping website to pause and think about putting money aside. That’s why personal finance outlets develop articles about saving money and having money in the bank for protection and security. is a national outlet that helps its readers understand the benefits of spending money wisely and saving it intently. Beyond Finance offers free financial counseling to all clients enrolled in its debt consolidation and solution program. One of the main subjects Dr. Kate helps her clients understand is the importance of savings, no matter what it takes.

But what is an “extreme frugal tip” for your money? One is meal preparation.

As a parent of two children and four dogs, meal prep — especially during the holidays — can take on a life of its own. In my household, some of our best memories are from when we went ‘off book’ from the traditional holiday meal.

There are nine other tips worth bookmarking and committing to memory, each offered by financial experts and money managers who understand the purpose of savings and why it’s crucial to emotional wellness.

We encourage you to save this article and commit what you can to financial practice. For more of Dr. Kate’s insight and other savings-related topics, please read the Beyond Finance blog.