For the past couple of years, Beyond Finance has partnered with research psychologist and Chief Science Officer of psyML, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, who recently helped us publish a study on the “Stress-Proofing Your Marriage” seen in some marriages and relationships nationwide. Some publications, like Advisorpedia, have discussed its points as the “Financial Blame Game.”

The challenges money creates in a marriage lead to one of the leading causes of divorce. The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis via Forbes shares that 4 of 10 marriages ended in 2023 due to economic arguments. Dr. Buckwalter wanted to take the message point and turn it around by determining areas of “stress-proofing your marriage” about financial situations.

Dr. Galen Buckwalter discussing "Stress-Proofing Your Marriage"
Dr. Galen Buckwalter (Source: psyML)

As Advisorpedia puts it, “Some couples have work to do.”

A recent survey of 500 married couples across various age groups by Beyond Finance indicates 43% of those couples don’t have to put forth much effort to avoid blaming the other for a bleak financial situation.

That’s sounds good, but it also means 57% do have to restrain themselves when comes to assigning financial blame.

As our national news release shared, stress-proofing your marriage is possible. The relationship isn’t about the size of a bank account or the weight of a salary. The secret is based on the communication of those things.

Debt and income are not as important to marital satisfaction as how the couple deals with finances. Some people who don’t experience the stressors of debt still experience marital strife if they can’t properly communicate about their finances. It’s vital to understand where they stand together on economic issues.

Dr. Galen Buckwalter, CSO and Founder of psyML

Are you interested in Dr. Buckwalter’s five steps to stress-proofing your marriage? We encourage you to read this media coverage and the news release with the infographic.