Beyond Finance Survey in Black Enterprise

The client success representatives already knew about the Beyond Finance survey we broadcast across the country. Unfortunately, more people feel the pinch, not only at the pump. Yes, gas is currently at an all-time high. But groceries are too. This past April, U.S. inflation reached a 41-year high of 8.5%.

The word and counsel from federal officials stress that the inflation rate will decline to 2.3% by 2023, but who wants to wait that long? Add to that the national distrust in our elected leaders. You have millions of Americans dealing with, what our partner and acclaimed research psychologist Dr. Galen Buckwalter calls, Acute Financial Stress.

This is why we out a Beyond Finance survey, distributed and managed by OnePoll and SWNS, focused on how financial stress forces others to behave, think, and feel. And now, the esteemed business magazine, Black Enterprise, has picked up the survey for its readers.

What Say You?

That’s the thing about debt–it’s universal. We all feel it and can experience it. The Beyond Finance survey should be seen by all Americans in as many notable publications as possible, like Black Enterprise. While many focus on a health pandemic, inflation tends to be another.

These surging bills have prompted 66% to cease attending social occasions as a result of they really feel embarrassed or uneasy about their cash. Extra particularly, some respondents don’t attend “birthday events (33%), weddings (32%), blissful hours (31%), and networking occasions (31%).”

Black Enterprise, May 2022

Do these numbers resonate with you? Are you struggling with your debt? Have you been tired of sleepless nights and collection calls? You can get a fast and free assessment to determine if debt resolution is a route for you. We’ll continue building, reaching, and serving people across the country until then.

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