Beyond Finance survey goes international

A couple of months ago, Beyond Finance reached out to 2,000 couples nationwide with a debt-free survey asking, “What would they be willing to do to get out of debt?” The interest in that question reached further than that.

Typically, this question would appeal to some people on the right day, but this is a challenging time. Americans are struggling with debt today, unlike any time in US history since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It’s a question that speaks to as much hyperbole as it does sincerity. People are desperate for rising prices to settle down, whether across a street or an ocean.

The media interest in our debt-free survey created over 450 earned articles in broadcast and online outlets. Some of the estimated 9 million views on this poll crossed borders and languages, including:

Among the U.S. online media, this debt-free survey gained popularity fast, including these outlets:

As Beyond Finance continues to serve hard-working people hoping to move beyond debt, tools like a debt-free survey are essential to understand those we help and others we hope to reach with financial wellness insight and education.