personal debt makes people think, even

Recently, a national survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Beyond Finance for Mental Health Awareness Month to people (who are not our clients) to see if the prevailing threat of “more bills, less money” is affecting other Americans and creating more worry about personal debt.

The numbers were staggering and have been enough to catch the eye of influencers, thought leaders in the debt resolution industry, and people struggling with paying the bills. That’s the power of surveys like this. When people are able to picture their feelings, and the financial stress of others, everyone understands what is happening in the world and how people are coping with personal debt. Or not.

What Say You?

Among the many other people who are sharing this important information about the effects of personal debt, such as:

And then, created its own video based on our information. Whatever it takes to reach more people about the perils of debt in this country and stress the need for personal debt resolution.

Do you hate the collection calls? Do you worry about late payments? Are you weary from all those sleepless nights? You can get a fast and free assessment to determine if debt resolution is a route for you. Until then, we’ll continue building, reaching and serving people in Houston and across the country.