Lynda Flores is the latest recipient of Beyond Debt Now

Beyond Debt Now is an initiative acting as much more than a support to some of Beyond Finance’s clients–it has been a lifeline

We share with our clients, “Debt is something you have, not someone you are.” This program was created to help alleviate some or all of our clients’ remaining debt. The goal is to help them tackle their debt more quickly while giving them more time to live optimistically about their future.

Meet Lynda

Meet Lynda of Los Angeles, the latest Beyond Debt Now recipient.

This month’s recipient is Lynda Flores, an advertising agency associate director from the greater Los Angeles area. She used her experience to find a debt help company she could trust. 

Unemployed for eight long months, Lynda was consumed with worry about her family, avoided the collection calls, and couldn’t find a job. Credit cards kept them above water for that time and maxed out with no hope to pay them off soon. 

“Once I got a new job, I couldn’t catch up,” Lynda said. “I could barely make my mortgage, which really scared me. I needed help, so I began looking for a solution.”

The troubling aspect of Lynda’s journey is that no one knew, including her husband or eight-year-old daughter. She remained silent because of the shame caused by the mounting debt and believed going through this alone “was the worst mistake.” 

The burden of all that financial stress on her own, without anywhere to turn, was too much to bear. However, when she turned to Beyond Finance, she believed that was the beginning of her “best decision.”

Hear Lynda

Lynda is like millions of Americans struggling with personal debt–she suffered in silence. It affects more than economic stability; it can damage one’s mental health to hopelessness. Fortunately, Lynda’s research and diligence rewarded her with some hope.

That’s all it took to begin her journey to move beyond debt. We spoke with Lynda and asked her to share her story, starting with that moment of hope.

Lynda, tell us how you felt after you called Beyond Finance, talked about your debt and completed your assessment.

I spoke with an amazing representative who gave me hope. He showed compassion and suggested a solution that would work within my budget. Other companies also contacted me, but I didn’t feel like they cared about my feelings, so I chose Beyond Finance.

Speaking with the representative and reviewing my finances made it real by giving me a plan to fix my debt since I was out of options. I have hope now because it will all be sorted out by a specific time instead of never knowing if I will ever get everything paid off.

Once your assessment was completed and you were told your consolidated payment, how did you feel about it, and, at any point, did you ever second guess your decision?

Once we discussed all my finances, the consolidated payment was doable. I learned to cut back and focus on necessities, but knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel after four years, I was relieved.

My time with Beyond Finance so far has taught me how to budget better so I don’t end up in the same situation again. Though there have been tough times, I’ve completely trusted Beyond Finance through the process and am so grateful that I found them.

Tell us your feelings when someone told you about Beyond Debt Now and that we were paying a debt for you.

When I got the call from Beyond Finance, I didn’t know what to expect. Although I was told this would be exciting news, I expected the worst. Hearing that one of my debts was going to be taken care of by Beyond Finance was the best news I could have received. 

I didn’t know this program even existed, but it reaffirms that Beyond Finance cares about its clients, freeing them from debt as quickly as possible. 

Be Like Lynda

Beyond Debt Now is an act of gratitude for our clients who want to do the right thing and pay off their debt, regardless of how challenging it can be. The most important thing is to customize a solution to help everyone get out of debt and get much closer to living the debt-free lives they deserve.

“It takes patience and trust in the process, but it absolutely works,” Lynda enthusiastically shared. 

The progress has inspired Lynda to start financial planning, and her confidence grows with each day. This begins her journey to overcome debt and reduce her stress. Lynda can also access the free programs Beyond Finance offers, like financial client counseling and therapy sessions designed to help our clients improve their relationships and skills with money.

And more is on the horizon for Lynda and the rest of our clients. Are you searching for a way out of your debt problem? Are you tired of the stress related to bills and phone calls? If you’re ready to tackle your debt, click here for a free consultation!