Financial Practice Week created interview opportunities for Beyond Finance
NOTE: Updated June 21, 2023

Beyond Finance never tires of finding ways to move people beyond debt, as we did with our client mobile app and now creating Financial Practice Week.

Dr. Erika Rasure and Nathan Astle, CFT-I™, LMFT, financial client therapists at Beyond Finance, believe there should be more to “Financial Literacy Month” in April. Their idea was, after three weeks of promoting where to learn about financial wellness, to spend the last week of the month putting that knowledge to the test. This is the foundation of Financial Practice Week.

The week of our announcement of this strategic time for all Americans who could use time practicing better personal economic habits attracted to the media. Below are a couple of those interviews.

If you have any questions about Financial Practice Week or how Beyond Finance could help you live the debt-free life you deserve, give us only a few minutes and stop feeling that acute financial stress.

Dr. Erika Rasure featured on Radio Kingston about Financial Practice Week


Serving Albany, New York (US No. 59 media market), Radio Kingston called upon Dr. Erika to discuss the purpose and importance of Financial Practice Week amid rising costs of goods and inflation of services.


The Spokane, Washington affiliate was interested in Dr. Erika’s insight about practical tips to better the relationship its viewers have with their finances.

KAYU anchor Bradley Warren and Dr. Erika enjoyed discussing Financial Practice Week and personal situations where those tips would have been useful.

The Warren Lawrence Show

Warren Lawrence is not only the General Manager of WKNY Radio in upstate New York but one of the region’s most popular talk show hosts.

For more than 10 minutes, Mr. Lawrence spoke to Dr. Erika about what listeners could learn about applying financial practice tips to their budgets.


WBBJ-TV is the CBS and ABC affiliate for Jackson, Tennessee. They featured Dr. Erika Rasure for Financial Practice Week.

Jackson, Tennessee is a city of less than 250,000 hard-working people, where the media household income is a little under $45,000. These are the communities and neighborhoods Beyond Finance hopes to reach with a message of hope and resilience.

As the evening anchor Teri Jelks shared, “Practice makes perfect.” But when Americans owe billions on credit card debt, we need to know where to start practicing, which is why they spoke to Beyond Finance’s Dr. Erika Rasure.


WRNJ carries a large New Jersey audience over four stations–3 FM and 1 AM. Most of the talk radio listened to southern New Jersey is from this station.

That’s why it was important for Dr. Erika to be a guest here and discuss the importance of putting financial literacy to the test and create better habits with all that practice.

The Kristen Hagopian Show

The Kristen Hagopian Show is a syndicated radio show on BIZ Talk Radio, heard on 200 US stations. It is based on WCHE-AM in Chester County, Pennsylvania, The region consisted of popular eastern cities such as Avondale, Coatesville, Oxford, Pottstown, and West Chester.

Kristen welcomed Dr. Erika on the show during “Financial Practice Week” to discuss the importance of understanding your budget, personal finance wellness, and literacy to help manage your pocketbook.

Click Here, listen, and enjoy!


WDPN-AM talked with Dr. Erika Rasure who shined a flashlight on our debt issues in the dark for Financial PRactice Week.

Dr. Erika was a guest of this regional station based in Ohio, discussing much more than “Financial Practice Week” but shedding light on Americans’ financial crisis today.

Her insight about financial planning and understanding where to look for help created several questions for her to answer and help listeners understand when working with creditors or searching for professional guidance can provide answers many people seek today. Twelve-minute interviews are not common, even on talk radio stations. However, what she had to offer was that important for all of us to hear.