Dr. Erika Rasure on the AFCPE podcast

In the financial services industry, Dr. Erika Rasure was spreading the news about Beyond Finance once again. This time, she was a guest on the popular podcast from the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Educators (AFCPE), “Real Money, Real Experts.

If you’re new to Beyond Finance as a client or follower of our blog and newsroom, Dr. Erika Rasure helps lead the Client Financial Therapy Team for Beyond Finance. She is a former professor and deep transformational coach, and the Chair of the Research Board for the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute.

The synopsis of the podcast episode, from the AFCPE website, shares:

“We discuss the biases that exist within the industry; how money stories and very human decisions are too often surrounded by embarrassment or shame; and the importance of helping people move through financial trauma.”

On this episode of “Real Money, Real Experts,” Dr. Erika Rasure discusses her personal journey to serve hard-working people overwhelmed by financial stress and what brought her to Beyond Finance.

“The greatest gift we can give our clients is providing that space where they can find the presence of the feeling that they are not alone.” 
Dr. Erika Rasure

AFCPE Podcast, “Real Money, Real Experts.’ (Episode #79)

We encourage you to listen to her words throughout this conversation. Our hope is you are determined to do something about your personal debt. Debt is what you have, not who you are. If you’re ready to discuss your situation, give Beyond Finance an opportunity to help you–one assessment and barely 5 minutes are all that stands in the way between you and financial peace of mind.