chicago's beyond finance office is growing

That’s us. Chicago’s Beyond Finance office has been on a hiring spree lately. We are growing–not only in Chicagoland but in all of our offices and most of our departments. Our friends at Built in Chicago have their fingers on the pulse of the tech community in the area. Recently, Built in researched regional technology companies to determine the “9 Fast-Growing Chicago Tech Companies Hiring Now.”

They also had a brief chat with our VP of People John Pollak. The focus of the conversation was about why working at Beyond Finance is such a good idea. “Because it’s awesome to have a cause every day you come to work,” is what we would say. However, we’ll let him tell you.

What Say You?

John was asked about our key openings across several departments, our rapid growth, but the part that is most important to us and our clients is what each employee must have to sit down at a desk in the Beyond Finance family. It’s a dealbreaker. Without this one critical characteristic, it just won’t work here because when a client is facing overwhelming personal debt and all those phone calls from collectors, they need to hear from a representative that cares.

 “Beyond Finance’s leaders believe in a customer-first and data-driven approach to work. We walk with our clients through every step of their financial journey, which requires our employees to show compassion and empathy. We value direct communication, differences of opinion, collaboration and empowerment across all roles and levels.”

John Pollak, VP of People at Beyond Finance

The numbers show us what we can continue doing to attract and retain the important individuals who trust Chicago’s Beyond Finance office or any other location across the United States. However, without exhibiting compassion and empathy, those numbers do not do us any good. Furthermore, we don’t an actual location any client can visit, but our people in each of those offices make Beyond Finance run, operate and serve the many people who come to us for financial assistance.

Do you hate the collection calls? Do you worry about late payments? Are you weary from all those sleepless nights? You can get a fast and free assessment to determine if debt resolution is a route for you. Until then, we’ll continue building, reaching and serving people in Chicago and across the country.