Financial Therapy Assocation's top honor goes to a Beyond Finance consultant

Beyond Finance has partnered with Nathan Astle, CFT™, to work as a client consultant for those we serve. Recently, the Financial Therapy Association (FTA) rewarded his work in financial therapy with the “Outstanding Practitioner Award.”

Nathan Astle's Award from the Financial Therapy Association
Courtesy: Financial Therapy Association

Astle, a Certified Financial Therapist, partners with Beyond to serve our clients. He is one of the founding members of Beyond Finance’s client group counseling session initiative Clients benefit from counseling while working through the organization’s debt resolution service.

In addition, Astle guides Beyond Finance clients to a stronger relationship with their money without the associated stress.

“We are doing something unique. Many financial industry organizations overlook people for loan consolidation because of a FICO score they can’t control,” said Astle. “I’m thankful to be part of this team and honored the FTA recognizes my work. I have been privileged to provide to many clients across the U.S. this necessary counsel.”

Providing Beyond’s Clients Financial Therapy and Group Counseling

In addition to his work with Beyond Finance, Nathan Astle is the founder of Relational Money, LLC. His financial and marriage counseling practice is based in Kansas City, MO. With clients nationwide, Astle’s insight on financial trauma has been featured in national outlets, such as CNBC, Money Geek and USA Today.

“When we decided to offer financial therapy to our clients free of charge, we knew we had to find the premier counselors in this challenging field,” said Beyond Finance Chief Operating Officer Lou Antonelli. “Securing Nathan Astle was not only a terrific moment for us but a proud one. We knew he would help lead Beyond Finance into uncharted territory for the debt resolution industry.”

He is one of two financial therapy experts consulting for Beyond Finance. Astle is responsible for the growth, management, and success of the Beyond Financial Client Group Counseling Sessions.

“Watching what we do for hard-working people who trust Beyond Finance with their financial futures and seeing what they can do with some support is incredibly rewarding,” said Astle. “I can’t wait to see where we go from here.”