Nate Astle mentioned in holiday shopping article

As we enter “the most wonderful time of the year,” holiday shopping is top of mind. For Beyond Finance, that means being available to help people who feel the burden of personal debt spiraling out of control.

That’s why our communications team searches for opportunities to position our financial experts into articles to provide some thought leadership. Additionally, we want to help all hard-working Americans with holiday shopping tasks this month.

Recently, GOBankingRates was putting together a list of 10 Holiday Shopping Secrets Retailers Don’t Want You to Know. (See? Aren’t you curious now?) Following a quick email and providing brief insight, Beyond Finance’s client group counselor and financial therapist, Nathan Astel, was quoted in the article!

What Say You?

The national holiday shopping article has excellent ideas to help your budgeting and spending during this time of the year. Among the tips are “Becoming familiar with small businesses in your area” and “Understanding price match policies.”

Nate’s insight is seen in the article’s 10th and arguably most important tip: “Make a budget and stick to it.

Whether you’ve been scoping out holiday deals since the kids went back to school or you’re waiting until Black Friday to snag the savings, being a savvy shopper means staying within your holiday budget.

“It requires discipline, but a list should point you in the right direction and allows you to keep track of spending,” said Nathan Astle, financial therapist for Beyond Finance. “Think gifts, entertainment, travel, and expenses. Be generous, but do not stray from the list.”

The article has also been picked up by national sources, such as NASDAQ, and on YAHOO’s home page!

Struggling to Do Holiday Shopping?

Holiday shopping requires holiday budgeting

While this should be a time of yuletide joy and happy feelings, it’s sometimes the opposite for millions nationwide. As you may have heard before, “the less your income, the easier it is to pile up debt.” If that’s you, take a moment to make a budget, as Nate suggests.

It sounds like making more work, but it can help keep you disciplined in managing your funds. If that resonates with you, reaching out for help is okay.

Are you struggling with your debt? Have you been tired of sleepless nights and collection calls? You can get a fast and free assessment to determine if debt resolution is a route for you. We’ll continue building, reaching, and serving people across the country until then.

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